Lavigated China Clay

What is Lavigated china clay?

Kaolin levigated by wet processing in order to reduce or remove impurities and enhance certain physical properties such as brightness, whiteness, after firing L-Value, reducing silica contain for make it suitable for major application which is Ceramics like GVT, Vitrified and Double Charge tiles, for Glaze of sanitary products also.

Why us?

Over the years we have made changes in the process and technologies. The involvement of newer machines, innovative methods have enables us to manufacture supreme quality of hydrous china clay kaolin that has several uses. We offer customized grade of product as per industrial demand. The most important thing is that while processing the product, we make sure that we balance our environment. We propagate the Go Green theme.

Which Application this Product can be use?

  • Rubber


  • Plastic


  • Ceramic


  • Fiberglass


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