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Kaolin is a naturally found clay and it has a wide variety of uses. HD Microns Limited is engaged in making kaolin useful to common people with the help of latest technologies and skills. With the help of innovations and thorough research, we have kept our clients satisfied with quality and service. The vast and extended area allows us to have a larger capacity for the production of Levigated Wash China Clay - 3500MT/PM, Hydrous Plant- 3000 MT/PM, Spray Drying Plant - 1000Mt/PM and Calcination plant - 4000 MT/PM.

The vastly spread unit and dedicated staff has made a significant contribution in making us a global supplier. Our name is synonymous with trust and quality and we are proud to be known for the same.

About Us
Our Mission
HD Microns Limited is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We strive to be the preferred partner for our customers, a benchmark for our peers, and a force for good in our community, driving growth, sustainability, and progress for all.
Our Vision
Empowering innovation and excellence in the manufacturing industry by delivering high-quality, precision-engineered products and solutions that exceed customer expectations.





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Ethical Core Values
Core Values

Customers: We prioritize the demand of our customers and make customized product. We believe in giving maximum customer satisfaction. This quality has helped us boost large number of customers since years.

Employees: From the foundation to the time, what success is achieved, employees play a major role in the entire transit. Hence we ensure that our employees are no less than our family. We have a dedicated team and we are proud to have them. We certainly look after their satisfaction and needs. With the provision of regular training and other programs, we make sure that they are constantly updated. Encouragement and motivation is served here for them regularly.

Society: We live in a society. People around us contribute in small or big ways to our success. We look after our stakeholders and the civilians by organizing medical health check up programs. We distribute educational materials in various schools to express our gratitude and encourage education. In certain villages, we have extended our hands to provide them with daily life necessity.

Environment: Preserving nature and keeping balance environment is what we believe in. With a robust Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management system help us to conservation for human community and wildlife existence. To have sustainable environment is our policy.

Stakeholders: Stakeholders contribute in the growth by adding capital time to time for making value added products by adapting innovative methods and technologies. Hence we look after their growth which in turn can lead to growth of industry.

Suppliers: We look after each and every supply chain. After all their in time supply leads to in time manufacturing. Hence we look forward to their sustainable growth too.


We own a widespread area in Mamuara village in Bhuj- Gujarat- India. The area is facilitated with modern equipments with latest specific standards managed by highly skilled technocrats. HD Microns Limited is one of the leading and most preferred sites for the Kaolin manufacture in India. We are blessed with the state-of-art manufacturing unit with some of the salient features.

Own Mine Grounds
Own Active Mines

We have our own mine grounds from where we get our raw materials.

Primary Lavigation
Primary Lavigation Plant

Primary Lavigation is carried out for removing coarser silica and heavy impurities.

Hydrous Processing Plant

Hydrous Process is carried out for removing silica and heavy impurities.

Spray Drying
Spray Drying

Spray dried product has high bulk density and the product is environmental friendly.

Calcination Plant

Levigated clay feed to Klin. The Klin Temp. is above 1000° C' for calcination.

A Spacious warehouse
Packing Area & A Spacious Warehouse

A Spacious Warehouse for the storage of raw materials and finished products.

R&D facility
In-house R&D Facility

A well equipped in house R & D facility and quality control lab.

Connected with Highway
Connected with Highway

We are well connected with state highway through tar roads..

Nearst Ports
Nearst Ports

Two of the most facilitated ports Mundra and Kandla at a distance of 60 Kms from our site.

Global connectivity
Global Connectivity

IT infrastructures are well managed by plant and assure round the clock global connectivity.

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