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HD Microns is a top hydrous kaolin clay provider in India. We have continuously improved our processes and technologies over the years. Being the best hydrous kaolin clay provider, we use the latest machines and innovative methods, allowing us to manufacture supreme quality hydrous china clay kaolin.

Our kaolin has many different uses across industries. We can customize the grade and properties to meet specific demands. Whatever your needs, we can provide the right kaolin product. Kaolin clay comes under the Industrial minerals category.

We process our kaolin in an environmentally friendly way. We take great care to protect the environment during production. Promoting sustainability and going green are very important to us.

With our expertise, advanced facilities, and commitment to quality and the environment, you can trust our hydrous china clay kaolin will meet your highest standards.

What Is

Hydrous China Clay?

Hydrous china clay forms very slowly over millions of years. It comes from the breakdown of rocks deep underground. Heat and pressure cause the decompose bit by bit. As this happens, tiny flat crystals begin to form. These crystals contain aluminum, silicon, oxygen, and water molecules. The technical / Industrial name is kaolin. Kaolin crystals have a plate-like shape. They are extremely fine and small. China clay does not conduct heat or electricity well. It also does not react much with acids or bases. The exact properties can vary a little. This depends on which underground deposit the clay comes from. So it needs to go through different processes. This prepares it for different uses.

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Key Properties of

Hydrous China Clay

Fine Particles

Hydrous kaolin powder by us as industry-leading hydrous kaolin clay provider in India consists of very fine particles, allowing it to have a high surface area. This makes it ideal for various applications that require fine textures and smooth surfaces.

Flat Particle Shape

As the best hydrous kaolin clay provider in India, the particles in our hydrous kaolin powder have a flat, plate-like shape. This unique structure contributes to its excellent coverage and opacity when used in coatings or as a filler material.

High Bright Color

One of the most notable properties of hydrous kaolin powder is its white color. This natural whiteness makes it a preferred choice for applications where a clean, opaque finish is desired, such as in paints, coatings, and paper products.

Chemically Stable

Hydrous kaolin powder is chemically inert, meaning it does not react with most substances. This stability allows it to be used safely in various formulations without causing undesirable reactions or compromising the quality of the final product.

Good Absorbency

Hydrous kaolin powder can absorb liquids and oils efficiently. This property makes it valuable in applications such as personal care products, where it can help control moisture and provide a smooth, velvety texture.

Low Abrasiveness

Despite its fine particle size, hydrous China clay is relatively non-abrasive. This characteristic makes it suitable for use in products that come into contact with delicate surfaces, such as in cosmetics and polishing compounds.

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Usage Of

Hydrous China Clay In Different Industries


Hydrous China clay gives paper a smooth texture and bright white color. It also helps improve the printing quality of paper products.


In paints, hydrous kaolin powder acts as a filler and enhances opacity. It provides a flat, uniform finish and improves the paint's hiding power.


Hydrous kaolin powder helps control the viscosity and flow of inks. It also contributes to the brightness and opacity of printed materials.



In rubber, hydrous China clay acts as a reinforcing filler. It improves the strength and wear resistance of rubber products.



In adhesives, hydrous China clay acts as a thickening agent. It improves the adhesive's viscosity and increases its binding strength.



Hydrous China clay is used as an insulating material in cables. It provides excellent electrical insulation and heat resistance.

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Why Choose Us As Your

Hydrous Kaolin Clay Provider In India

  • As the best hydrous kaolin clay provider in India, we use specialized micronizing to create an extremely fine hydrous kaolin powder.
  • This ultra-fine powder is known as hydrous China clay.
  • It is used as an additive and extender in various coatings.
  • We offer a wide range of different hydrous kaolin grades.
  • We also provide customized hydrous clay solutions as per customer needs.
  • As the top hydrous kaolin clay provider in India, we develop tailored solutions to enhance product performance.
  • We have state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality control.
  • Our customer-centric approach ensures exceptional service.
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We are a leading hydrous kaolin clay provider in India. We offer a wide variety of hydrous grades. Our experts provide personalized solutions for your needs. We work closely with clients to understand requirements. Our tailored products boost performance and efficiency. With advanced facilities and strict quality control, we deliver exceptional service at competitive prices. Partner with us for the best-quality hydrous kaolin solutions.

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Hydrous China clay has more water content compared to calcined kaolin. It also has special particle properties that make it better for certain uses.

Hydrous kaolin by us as a hydrous China clay provider is an eco-friendly option. The processes to obtain and make it do not harm the environment much. So it is a sustainable material.

Hydrous kaolin made by us as a hydrous China clay provider has applications across many sectors. It is used in cables, paints, plastics, ceramics, and more.

Hydrous kaolin made by us as a hydrous kaolin clay provider in India is highly absorbent. It can soak up oils, grease, and liquid spills very effectively when used as an adsorbent.

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