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Want to buy high-quality metakaolin? HD Microns - the best metakaolin supplier in India is the answer! We use cutting-edge processes and technologies like new machinery and innovative methods. This allows us to offer superior metakaolin for various uses. With our affordable metakaolin price per kg in India, we make it easy for you to buy quality clay without going out of budget.

What Is Metakaolin?

Metakaolin is a dehydroxylated form of the clay mineral kaolinite. It is produced by heating natural kaolin clay within a specific temperature range, typically between 650-800°C (1200-1500°F). This controlled heat treatment process is called calcination.

During calcination, the kaolinite undergoes a chemical reaction known as dehydroxylation, whereby the chemically bound hydroxyl ions (OH-) are removed from the kaolinite structure. Highly reactive pozzolanic material structure. Composed mostly of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3).

When metakaolin is incorporated into concrete or cement mixes, it reacts with calcium hydroxide produced during cement hydration to form additional calcium silicate hydrates (C-S-H). This pozzolanic reaction helps increase strength, reduce permeability, and improve the durability of the concrete.

Meta Kaolin
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Typical dosages range from 8-20% replacement of Portland cement by weight. Metakaolin enhances the performance of mortars, concretes, grouts, and other cementing formulations. The pozzolanic reactivity of the metakaolin by us as the metakaolin supplier in India makes it a valuable supplementary cementitious material.

Features of

Metakaolin In India


Kaolin offered by us as the metakaolin supplier in India acts as a pozzolanic material, reacting with calcium hydroxide to produce additional calcium silicate hydrates (C-S-H). This increases the strength of the cementitious matrix.


The pozzolanic reaction products from metakaolin make the concrete denser and less permeable by filling capillary pores. This reduces permeability to water, chlorides, and other harmful substances.


The increased impermeability and resistance to chemical attack from the pozzolanic reaction enhances the durability of concrete containing metakaolin. It improves resistance to reinforcement corrosion, sulfate attack, alkali-silica reaction, and freezing/thawing cycles.

Additionally, metakaolin has a light color which gives it an aesthetic advantage over some other supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) like fly ash or slag when used in architectural concrete or white cement applications.

Why Choose HD Micron as

MetaKaolin Supplier In India?

  • We as a metakaolin supplier in India have been making changes over the years to improve how we make our metakaolin products. We use newer machines and new methods. This helps us make very high-quality kaolin that has many uses.
  • We can make custom grades of our product depending on what each industry needs. This is very important to meet the specific requirements of different customers.
  • We also care about the environment. While making our products, we use methods that are environmentally friendly and don't harm nature. We follow the "Go Green" practice.
  • The most important thing for us is quality. We carefully check the quality at every step to ensure our kaolin meets the highest standards.
  • Our company has many years of experience in making kaolin products. Over the decades, we have gained a lot of knowledge. This allows us to constantly make our products and services better for our customers.
  • We offer metakaolin solutions tailored to every industry, customized to specific needs. Benefit from excellent product quality, personalized grades, and a commitment to environmental care.
Use Of Metakaolin In

Different Industries?

It is important to know their different application in various industries:



Metakaolin is added to concrete mixes to increase strength and durability.



It is used in shotcrete, which is sprayed concrete for repairing surfaces or ground support.


Tunneling work

Metakaolin enhances shotcrete and concrete linings used for tunnel construction and support.



It improves the performance and longevity of concrete used to build bridges.



Metakaolin produced by us, offers stronger and more durable concrete for constructing dams.

Best Metakaolin Supplier In India

HD Microns offers top-notch meta kaolin products that are perfect for your needs. You can trust that you're getting high-quality, sustainable metakaolin in India. We prioritize customizing our products to meet the specific requirements of different industries. Contact the HD Micron - metakaolin manufacturer in India today to place your order and get the best deals.

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HD Micron is the leading metakaolin supplier in India, offering high-quality China Clay products and customized solutions.

The metakaolin price per kg in India varies based on quality, quantity, and customization requirements. For more Information fill China clay quotation enquiry form and get price detail for your requirement.

Absolutely, HD Micron is the prominent metakaolin manufacturer in India with state-of-the-art facilities and decades of experience.

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