Calcined China Clay

What is Calcined China Clay?

China clay kaolin undergoes transformation on application of heat and pressure. Dehydration occurs at around 550oC – 600oC. Hydrous China Clay Kaolin looses it water of hydration to form calcined china clay kaolin. This process increases whiteness, hardness and alters size and shape of particles. It enhances mechanical strength and it becomes quite impactful.

Why us?

HD Microns Limited is a china clay kaolin processor that produces supreme quality of calcined china clay kaolin. Our calcined china clay kaolin is a cost effective product for many industries that make us of this material. Our calcined china clay kaolie has opacity and has bright texture. It has high oil absorption property and narrow particle size distribution. Our team of techno-experts works closely with the unit and they have achieved mastery over making of calcined china clay kaolin.

Which Application this Product can be use?

  • Paper


  • Paint


  • Ink


  • Rubber


  • Plastic


  • Adhesive


  • Cables


Calcined kaolin is used as functional extender in paints. Being chemically inert and physically durable, it now used as direct replacement of TiO2 in paints.

It is used in making paper because it has better ink injection and thus it can improve upon printing impression. It is widely used in inks, coating, rubber and plastic industries. Calcined china clay kaolin is also used in making wires and cables.

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